• Canna - Multi Balm

Our 100% Natural Multi-Balm is one of our most popular products in the range! Why? Because it serves so many purposes for so many people.  The ingredients in this balm are pure and natural, and have been used for centuries in ailments for skin conditions and general skin care. This is the one product that everyone needs by their side.


The key ingredients, in my opinion, are the beeswax and coconut oil. Together, these two skin food ingredients make a fantastic team.  Beeswax works perfectly as a barrier on your skin that holds moisture in while protecting your skin from the outside elements.  Coconut Oil is an absolute super food that moisturises, heals, treats, softens, smooths and not to mention smells divine.


We love essential oils here at Pure Medics. To increase its healing power and for their wonderful aromatherapy benefits, we have added a few of our favorite essential oils to this balm, including, eucalyptus, lavender and my favourite, Cannabis Extract.



* * This balm is made from 100% natural oils and beeswax. It is completely water free. There are no chemicals in this balm, this includes preservatives.  Preservatives, while we don't use them, are commonly used in products that contain water to stop microbial growth.  Because we don't need a preservative in our water-free balm, you need to avoid getting water and wet hands in the jar.


* * Beeswax will melt in the sun or near heat. If your balm melts, place it in the refrigerator to cool it down and get it back to a more solid consistency.

** Photos are representative only.
***Prices on new arrivals in store subject to change without notice.

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Canna - Multi Balm

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